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Sources for Dollop # 20 - David Hahn


The Radioactive Boy Scout - by Ken Silverstein.

The Radioactive Boy Scout | Harper's Magazine - Part 4.


Uh-oh! 'Radioactive Boy Scout' who built a nuclear reactor ....


Sources for Dollop # 19 - Ferguson

Here's what happens to police officers who shoot unarmed ....

Exactly How Often Do Police Shoot Unarmed Black Men ....

"The shooting of Michael Brown was the final straw for ....

Ferguson protests over Michael Brown won’t end soon: The .... White St. Louis Thinks About Ferguson | The New Republic.

How Much Racial Profiling Happens in Ferguson? - The Atlantic.

The Day Ferguson Cops Were Caught in a Bloody Lie.

11 Shocking Facts About America’s Militarized Police ....

Not Just Ferguson: 11 Eye-Opening Facts About America's ....

The Pentagon gave nearly half a billion dollars of ....

The "weapons effect" | Psychology Today.

Ferguson: outsiders spread unrest and unease in pursuit of ....

“How Can You All Fix This?” Painful Questions in Ferguson ....


Sources for Dollop # 18 - The Chameleon


The Chameleon | The New Yorker.


The great pretender: David Grann meets Frederic Bourdin ....


Sources for Dollop # 17 - Rainbow Man


The Straight Dope | The Straight Dope | Chicago Reader.


Rockin' Rollen, a Fan Only of God, Takes a Message to ....

The Rainbow Man | Ed Driscoll - PJ Media.

End of the Rainbow |,,20109199,00.html,,20098186,00.html


Sources for Dollop # 16 - The Two Daredevils

Evel, The High-Flying Life of Evel Knievel: American Showman, Daredevil and Legend - Doubleday

Niagara Falls | HowStuffWorks.

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The Man called "Evel" - Blood, Sweat, and Tedium ....

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Sources for Dollop # 15 - 10 Cent Beer Night


Page 2: Remembering 10-Cent Beer Night - ESPN Page 2.

Ten Cent Beer Night - Wikipedia.

Dan Coughlin recalls the Indians' famous Ten-Cent Beer ....


Sources for Dollop # 14 - Carry A Nation


Carry A. Nation.

Nation, Carrie Amelia Moore - Encyclopedia of Arkansas.

For Jesus’ Sake, Smash! The Days and Nights of Carrie ....


Carry Nation's Hammer - Kansas Historical Society.

Banned Books Week: 10 Pop Fictions to Annoy the ....

Carrie Nation Biography -

NEW BROKEN star powers for THREE BRAWLERS | Brawl Stars ....

Carry Nation | Biography & Facts |

Women Who Roared: March 2014.

General paresis - Indian River Medical Center.

Psy 350 Flashcards | Quizlet.

General paresis | Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing ....

Arkansas in Ink: Gunslingers, Ghosts, and Other Graphic Tales - By Guy Lancastee


Sources for Dollop # 13 - Colonial Teeth


George Washington - A Dental Victim.


Toothache—A History of Agony - Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY.

Early American Dentistry - Part III.

History of Dentistry in the 18th Century – Revolutionary ....

A Short Painful History of Dentistry – The Blog Post Library.

The History of Dentistry -


Sources for Dollop #12 - The Rube

» An Athletic You Should Know: Eccentric Madman Rube ....

Late Innings: The Original and Flakiest Lefty.


Honus Wagner and His Pittsburgh Pirates: Scenes from a Golden Era byBy Ronald T. Wald

The Team-By-Team Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball  By Tony La Russa, Dennis Purd


Sources for Dollop #11 - Lobotomy

The rise & fall of the prefrontal lobotomy | ScienceBlogs.

Father Of The Lobotomy - John McManamy.

Top 10 Fascinating And Notable Lobotomies - Listverse.

Walter J. Freeman II and Lobotomy: Probing for Answers ....

Do You Need a Lobotomy? Just Look at the Results From ....

A Brief History of the Lobotomy -

Father of the Lobotomy - The Peoples Voice.

"The Lobotomist" by Jack El-Hai


Source for Dollop # 10 - The Jackson Cheese


Source for Dollop # 9 - The Pendragon

Problems with Mark Richards' SSP testimony to Kerry Cassidy.

Mark Richards - RationalWiki.

Richard Baldwin Documentary -

King Arthur - Wikipedia.

The Story of "Captain" Mark Richards - Google Sites.


Court Restores Murder Conviction Of Man In Marin Pendragon ....

Joanne Richards ~ 02/22/15 - YouTube.,2925300&hl=en,2461904&hl=en


Sources for Dollop #8 - The Dolphin


John Lilly, Ketamine and the Entities from ECCO by Adam ....

In 1965, a young woman lived in isolation with a male ....

Dolphin-Human Relation and LSD 25 - Psymon.


Suzanne's Blog | Stories on whales, dolphins and ....

1983 Omni Interview with John Lilly -


Sources for Dollop #7 - American Vampire Panic


The Great New England Vampire Panic | History | Smithsonian.


In The Midst Of Savage Tuberculosis Outbreaks.

“A History of Vampires in New England,” by Thomas D’Agostino

Daily Blog of nonsense: 10/14/07 - 10/21/07.

The Legend of Mercy L. Brown...vampire? | November 24th ....

New England vampire panic |

New England vampire panic - Wikipedia.

The Legend of Mercy Brown: A Vampire Story - Blogger.

Haunted Places In The World - Blogger.

The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters- By Rosemary Guiley


Sources for Dollop # 6 - The Tank Chase


Cul De Sac: A Suburban War Story - Documentary



Sources for Dollop # 5 - Hugh Glass

Hugh Glass by Bruce Bradley - Monarch Press

Hugh Glass: The Truth Behind the Revenant Legend.


Sources for Dollop #4 - Ghosts

The Old Reader.

A fifth of Americans claim to have seen a ghost while 29pc ....

Here are real-life ‘ghostbusters’ - The Durango Herald.

Hotel calls 'ghostbusters' to evict paranormal guest.

‘I Just Want It to Go Away!’: Terrified Hotel Guests Claim ....

April 2014 – Anna Abner.

Natasha Blasick, Actress, Claims 'Ghost Sex' Is 'Really ....

Ke$ha reveals she went to ‘the bone zone’ with ghost and ....

Ke$ha's Ghost Sex Claim Arouses Skepticism From Paranormal ....

7 Celebrities Who've Had Sex With A Ghost (Or At Least ....

Dlisted | The Time The Ghost Of Elvis Gave Spaz de la ....

Skeptical News for 20 November 2005 - North TX Skeptics.

BBC News | AFRICA | Sex-mad 'ghost' scares Zanzibaris.

Digest Ezine International -

"It shows how drastically our conception of dealing with ....


Sources for Dollop #3 - Competitive Endurance Tickling




Sources for Dollop #2 - Purity Balls


Sources for Dollop #1 - Cliven Bundy